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没有earn one's life。 make a life: go to some place, find a job and establish a family. 谋生(较为富足) make a living: work to provide oneself with things that are necessary to life. 谋生(勉强糊口度日) make a living 相当于ea...

没有区别。二者都是“谋生”之意。 earn a living 例句: ①He earns a living by hunting. 他靠打猎谋生。 ②Mr White was the only doctor in that small town, so that he had a fair chance to earn a living. 怀特先生是那个小镇上惟一的医生,...

都行啊. make a living谋生. make his living: 他谋生。

谋生=make one's linving

seek a livelihood,make a living.

How many times haven't we heard about teenagers complaining about the fact that they'd have liked to live alone. Why? Well, because they say that they want to be independent and do whatever they wish to at ever moment. But are ...

谋生 seek a livelihood; earn one's living; make a living; 都可以的 望满意

In my case, the disadvantages totally outweigh the advantages of living with them. Disadvantages: First of all, I need to pay them rent and split the utility and grocery bills with them. (don't even think about freeloading!) Se...

小题2:earned one’s living 或made a living 考察固定搭配make/earn one’s living谋生。根据后面的one year ago说明使用过去式。小题3:stared at 固定搭配...

谋生 make a living;earn a living;seek a livelihood更多释义>> [网络短语] 谋生 make a living;earn one's living;Earn a living 赚钱谋生 Bring home the bacon 谋生儿 yingw-shengv

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