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首先澄清一点,that is really something 不一定翻译成“太好了”,这要看不同背景,不同语境。 词组 “be (really) something ”的英英解释是:to be very special or admired ,意思是:很特别的,或者,值得赞赏的。显然它有双重含义。这个 "some...

It's something that's an end in itself.可以翻译为:这本身就是一个目的。

你好! something that brings happiness or wellbeing 带来快乐和幸福的东西

Rookie Of The Year - Something Incredible the stars aren't on our side. can't change them if we tried. and this could be something incredible. or not worth my time. or not worth your time. and this clock had been going around f...

something like that 就是当无法确切描述一件事时,说明这是近似的描述而已。相当于中文:“诸如此类”、“差不多这样”的意思。 比如: "How man people were there in the room?" "There were 50 people in the room, someting like that." "I saw...


歌名《Counting Stars》 Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep 最近我总是辗转反侧 难以入眠 Dreaming about the things that we could be 对我们曾有过的愿景 浮想联翩 But baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard, 但亲爱的 我早已在...

I shoulda known when I got you alone 我早该在我留下你一个人时就知道 That you were way too into me to know 你真的太了解我 This isn't love boy, this ain't even close 这不是爱 男孩 这根本不是 But you always think we're something t...

this is something that usually falls into the domain of the 这是一件通常属于这一领域的东西

that's quite something 这很了不起 双语对照 例句: 1. Is that all? It's quite a bit! 就这些了?已经够多的了!

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