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traffic congestion 含义更多。 traffic jams 交通阻塞 His car was stalled in a traffic jam. 他的车子在交通阻塞中动弹不得。 Traffic jams in the town happen everyday. 城里的交通天天堵塞。 traffic congestion 通信量拥挤,信号拥挤;交...

traffic congestion和traffic jam有何不同 traffic congestion是正式的书面语 traffic jam是口语,比较随意的,非正式语言 谢谢采纳

traffic congestion.交通拥挤。很挤但是还能动。 traffic jam,交通堵塞。 不能动,can not move. 可以看下英文释义。

traffic congestion 比较偏向“交通拥挤”的意思. 而, traffic jam 则是说“交通阻塞”. 两者所要表达的含义是有所分别的.

traffic congestion index 交通拥堵指数 ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

traffic congestion 比较偏向“交通拥挤”的意思。 而, traffic jam 则是说“交通阻塞”。 两者所要表达的含义是有所分别的。

是这篇不啦 有这样一个经济学铁律,需求的无限制膨胀,以致超出免费商品的供应量,引起市场经济的拥挤没有比这条铁律更好地阐释了,由于人们被允许使用城市道路,而无需支付任何费用,导致了在几乎每一个主要城市,并在许多小城市出现交通拥堵。...

Beijing traffic congestion issues, it seems that suddenly placed before people's eyes. Beijing appreciate the rapid economic growth in the joy of...

How can we reduce traffic jams in big cities? It is the commonest issue for most of big cities are facing now - the traffic congestion.In which, the traffic jams cause inconvenience for many road commuters. And the implication ...

The Traffic in the City Is Getting Worse Rising traffic congestion is an inescapable condition in large and growing metropolitan areas across the world, from Beijing to Shanghai, from Guangzhou to Jinan. Peak-hour traffic conge...

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